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Gabriel Levinson's Book Bike, a Display Trike for giving away books to people on the streets of Chicago, Illinois.

A nice article about the project.

Medill Reports
A local news video.

The New Yorker
A short description of the Book Bike.

The Chicago Book Bike with its next partners, the Read/Write Library.


The Pima County Public Library's Book Bike, also giving away books in the Tucson, AZ area.

Arizona Public Media
A public radio podcast (with text) about the Book Bike.

A local news video segment on the Book Bike, with text as well.

An article in The New York Times about Streetbooks, a Model 1 Haley retrofitted for loaning books in Portland, OR.

....and a couple of articles from Grist.com and American Libraries Magazine about Book Bikes in general, including the Chicago, Cleveland Heights, Pimas County, and Streetbooks Haleys, and some other builders as well.

An WHYY (NPR) story about West Philly's YUMM (Youth Urban Mobile Market) trike.

An article in Nashville's Native magazine on May Cheung's Tricycle Sweets Co. Page 27.

Also in Nashville, a story from Nashville Public Radio (and rebroadcast nationally on Here and Now) on Our Town, a mobile art project where the public makes their own self portraits for the rest of the community.

An article in Philadelphia Weely about Philadelphia Chinatown's Hot Tea Cart.

In Asheville, NC, a news piece on The Coffee Pedlar, from Mountain Xpress.

Stephanie and Raven on Cochrane, Alberta's city work trikes, for accessing areas difficult for trucks.

An article by the Calgary Herald with a nice video.

A Cochrane Times report on the tricycles.

A Metro article on the introduction of North Philly's NKCDC street cleaning, maintenance and graffiti removal tricycle.

A long article from Generocity.org about the tricycle street cleaning project and its funding.

An article from Edible Manhattan about New York City restaurants using cargo bicycles, including Northern Spy Food Co. and their Yuba Mondo/Haley Tricycle combination.

MIT's Model 1 tricycle, used by the Information Services and Technology department for transporting computers around campus for repairs.

An article in MIT's news journal.

General articles on Haley Tricycles:

Wall Street Journal
An article about cargo cycling in general, featuring a Haley Tricycle in its slide show.

Haley Tricycles has been featured on these blogs as well:

Daily Candy
Urban Velo

And in a design exhibition:

Philadelphia Art Alliance: Kickin' Back

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA