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Book Bikes

Gabriel Levinson and the Chicago Book Bike

In 2008, Chicago's Gabriel Levinson requested a cargo bike capable of displaying and transporting books throughout his city, to be given away in public spaces. We built him the first known Book Bike in modern America, the Chicago Book Bike. Gabriel has moved, but his Book Bike is still in action with another literacy program, and we've made many more based on Gabriel's idea for other libraries across the US and Canada.

Pima County Book Bike in display mode

Book Bikes are based on the Display Trike model, with a few features to make them suitable for displaying books. They have book ends on each of their side tables, as well as a large adjustable shelf inside the box. The floor of the trike can be filled with books as well, resulting in three levels of book display. Umbrella holders are included as well.

Cleveland Heights Public Library Book Bike

The bikes can carry 260 pounds of books in the front. In most cases we gear the tricycle down so it's easier to get moving for less experienced cyclists. The trike has two independent front brakes as well as a coaster brake rear wheel, and double parking brakes for stable display.

Maricopa County (AZ) Book Bike ready to roll

When closed, a Book Bike will handle exactly the same as the Model 1 tricycles in our videos, and as they're described on our FAQ page. Most people, regardless of cycling experience, will be able to ride the trike with a little practice and instruction. General biking confidence and experience will be needed if the Book Bike will be riding through traffic or tough conditions, like any other bicycle.

Richland County (SC) top book ends

Book Bike details are included in the Display Trike price, if the tricycle will be used by a non-profit, a public library, or a small scale literacy project. Other options, including multiple speed rear wheels, custom colors, additional book displays, and any other Haley options can be added.

Bibliotreka tricycle in action

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA