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Custom and Vending

Peddler Coffee (Phila) vending trike

Almost any custom features can be created at the Haley Tricycle studio. If you have a use for a Haley Trike, but have an unusual specification, give us a call or a detailed email. We can send sketches and notes back and forth and help you design your trike, or we can make your design fit our frames.

black "ghost frame" M2

We have tons (literally!) of experience moving crazy things through a crazy city in all kinds of conditions, so we know how to build a bike that works.

BeCause Water trike with full shelf|lid/tabletop hardware

Since we make all the parts of our trikes in our shop, we can customize everything from the handlebars to the fender brackets. The box can be sized exactly for what you need to move, and the colors can match your logo. We can do vinyl graphics as well.

Coffee Pedler (Asheville) work station M2

Tricycles are ideal for vending, as they can be fairly large for carrying more goods, and the stability of three wheels is great where customers will be interacting with the bike. Our specialty is building custom boxes that unfold into serving areas, sign space, and work stations, with plenty of storage below and cutouts for coffee kegs, beer taps, hoses, etc.,

functioning two-person piano bike: done it

Custom work is added to the cost of the tricycle itself, and pricing is developed on an individual basis.

Model 1 with custom side compartments

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA