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Nathan riding through Center City
Haley Tricycles are designed for moving all types of cargo through typical American urban streets, and then into your destination. They were designed for replacing, not minimizing, the use of a car (a yellow 1974 Super Beetle with a luggage rack, to be specific), and we assume our customers will be using their trikes for all kinds of real life, from daily errands to moving furniture to running their businesses completely with pedals, in sunshine, rain, ice and snow.

Haleys are relatively short for a cargo bicycle, especially when compared to Northern European-style bakfietsen. Standard Haleys are 6' 8" long, or about 10-14" longer than a standard bicycle, with a wheelbase of 50". This permits the trikes to fit in medians, in most elevators, and in the space between crosswalks and moving traffic. Haleys also turn sharper than front load, two wheeled cargo bicycles.

custom pumpkin|satin black|gloss black

Haleys are fairly narrow tricycles at 31 3/4" wide, allowing you to ride inside most modern buildings, through 36" doorways. A 36" door is an ADA standard for commercial and new residential buildings, and allows 32" of clear space. Coupled with the tricycle's short wheelbase, it can be moved through and turned around inside crowded rooms. This can save a lot of time, as you can usually get your dj equipment right to the stage.

a tall-box trike, slow and steady under a mirror

They are 24" wide above the front wheels and fenders, and 20" wide at the handlebars. As cars are typically narrow at tricycle fork height and widest at their mirrors (handlebar height), Haleys only need about 26" of space between cars in heavy traffic, and sometimes even less when besides (and slightly under) commercial trucks.

Stephen moving a claw foot tub

Tricycles are especially well suited for cargo transport in tough city conditions (at least in our opinion!) for a few reasons:

  • The inherent stability of three wheels allows you to get within a fraction of an inch of stuck traffic, going as slow as you want or as fast as you dare, either loaded or empty, straight or through turns, over rough streets, trolley tracks, ice, snow, slush, or any combination thereof.

  • Haleys, like all tricycles, don't need to be balanced or pushed hard at takeoff, so you can move a heavy load easier by starting slow and adding speed one pedal stroke at a time. You can also, with the right gears, ride up fairly steep inclines by going slow but using no energy for balance at all.

  • Haleys' boxes aren't responsive to the rider's leaning like two-wheeled cargo systems, but this is ideal when moving cargo that's your weight or more as it won't push you around either. Wide, sideways loads (couches, for example) won't dip their edge to the ground and catch, but move and turn as predictably as always.

  • Once inside a building or on a sidewalk, a tricycle is easy and safe to push while walking besides, so you can get where you're going without awkwardness, or breaking rules.

  • They're very easy to reverse if needed. Just put a foot down, push back and steer out of a tight spot.

  • You can relax when stopped, not using energy to keep your cargo upright at a red light, and there's no kickstand to lift your new refrigerator up onto when you're home, just a parking brake.

    Sara on wine|black tall box Model 2

    We use 26" wheels all around, for less rolling resistance, less 'bump steer' on rough streets, and for a higher ground clearance. The front bottom edge of the tricycle's box won't bottom out when dropping down curbs or approaching sharp ramps. The high stance and short wheelbase allow you to push or pull a Haley up a set of steps to get onto a porch, stoop, or loading dock without either the front edge hitting the pavement, or the chainring getting hung up on the top step.

    All of our trikes have hinged or removable lids, so your cargo stays dry if you're caught in a storm, nasty puddles won't get your stuff dirty, and small things won't be lost. Also, people on the street can't see what you're moving, so you can have anything inside the box without extra attention to your dirty laundry, figuratively or literally. They can also be locked for multiple trips or when you need to leave your trike unattended on the sidewalk before unloading.

    Washington, DC's Art trike at an event

    We use Haley Tricycles to run our business as well as personal errands, and build customers' trikes completely at our shop, to order. We probably have a good idea of how one of our trikes can best be set up to hold your stuff. We want to build you a tricycle that perfectly fits what you're moving, in style.

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