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Note: Most photos are links to individual web sites.

Los Angeles Public Library BookBike

We're LOVING our tricycle! It's taken a day or so to get used to but it's fabulous. It's a popular bike.

Kirsten, Charleston, SC

Cathy of Pima County Public Library's Book Bike

Wow! Troy put the [Display] bike together and rode it to my neighborhood meeting that night - everyone oohed and aahed over it. We loaded it up with books and a bunch of us rode it around and we were all amazed at how light it feels - we put in an entire bookshelf and it was no big deal. Thanks again for everything - we're totally thrilled!

Karen, Tucson, AZ

The Earth Matter NY compost (and pumpkin) trike

My poor bike is so jealous, as all I do is ride the trike. I've been out in bad weather, on terrain that I would not want to bike on, with heavy loads and love the slow and steady truck like feel on the road.

Kendall, NY, NY

May Cheung of Nashville, TN's Tricycle Sweets Co.

...I also was able to transport 100+ pounds of post-consumer wool (that I use for my company) to the laundromat and back. I am really loving the trike and I feel much more comfortable and confident on it [than longtail]. Drivers have been really respectful and actually, dare I say, kind! Best wishes, and thanks so much for such an incredible bike.

Marni, Philadelphia, PA

The Search and Rescue Clothing (Phila, PA) crew

The [Model 2] trike was delivered to my house yesterday, and I got it all together and it's fabulous! I even used it to haul my gear to a gig last night, and it worked great. Rode about eight miles. I'm glad you put the small sprocket on, it's a bigger workout than I expected. One of my bandmates said the trike runs like a Cadillac. It rides much more smoothly and efficiently than the Dutch cargo trikes he rode in Europe. Everyone I didn't know who commented on the trike simply thought I was selling something... One guy thought it was some kind of carnival music box on wheels (?). There are no other front load trikes I've seen in Salt Lake, and most people appeared pretty indifferent to seeing one, for some reason.

Sean, Salt Lake City, UT

Beyond Breed's Ruff Riders delivery trike

"What did it take to keep 38 pet cats in their homes and out of the shelter today? A "Ruff Riders" delivery containing 196 pounds of free cat food and cat litter!"

Kim, Brooklyn, NY

Glen Walker of Detroit, MI with his dogs

I've created trike riding monsters!! The dogs love the trike. The Scottie, Scoot, especially! She zooms into the garage to stand next to the trike if I leave the door open. Two days last week she didn't eat her dinner because she wanted to go. She sits quietly as the neighborhood goes past her. I love owning this machine!

Glen, Detroit, MI

The crew of West Philly's YUMM trike

I've had my trike for almost a year now and I'm still really happy with it. The trike turned out to be awesome for transporting random family members [not recommended] when going to the grocery store (and back with grocery cargo) when they come to visit. Who knew!

Taras, Portland, OR

Isle of Printing's Our Town print tricycle

We got it together last night and rode it over to Thirdman Records for the Aziz Ansari Show - I almost asked him if he wanted to ride in the box onstage and pop out but alas no ramps!

Bryce, Nashville, TN

Catcha' Glimpse clothing trike

This trike does just what it is suppose to do! It catches your eye and draws you in… What is it? What does he have in there? Hmmm?… Catcha' Glimpse Clothing LOVES our mobile store!

Buggsy, Oakland, CA

Little Babys Ice Cream, Philadelphia, PA, far left and far right only

Note: We typically recommend other companies to build ice cream trikes, but we made an exception for these guys because they're so awesome, obviously.

Stephen, Collin, Mayor Nutter, Sandy, and Mariusz with North Philly's street cleaning tricycle (photo NKCDC.org)

The trike is treating us very well. It did take some getting used to at first. It makes one especially aware of the crowns on the road, and I've found that when turning, it feels best to lean in to the turn and grab the side of the box to counteract the centrifugal force and the toppling kind of feeling. Works like a charm. It's of course a huge hit wherever we go.

John, Portland, OR

garden maintenance trikes of Naples Botanical Garden, FL

Stephen, I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our new trikes. We are using them for everything from horticulture work to janitorial duties. They are much easier to get around the garden with than golf carts and all of our visitors smile when we ride by ringing the bell. They are just a perfect fit here in the garden...

Richard, Naples, FL

The Berks Warehouse Haley

[Above] A Haley Trike in the 2011 Mummers Parade dressed up as Big Rock Candy Mountain, behind 'City Hall Casino'. The structure is held up in its umbrella holders.

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA