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All black M2

blacked out M2
A Haley Model 2 with the standard drum set sized cargo box: 31" long, 21 3/4" wide, and 19 1/2" tall. It's box is stained a very dark ebony, with a satin finish. It can carry a real-life working load of 520 pounds, 720 including the rider. The rear wheel is an 8 speed with coaster brake, and has dual independent mechanical disc brakes at the front, each also a parking brake.

front wheels are forward for heavy loads

The cargo box is sturdy, lidded, lockable, and weather tight so you can move your stuff unseen and keep it dry, and also keep it yours when making several stops.

reflective stickers are black in daylight...

Like all Haleys, it has 26" wheels all around, with smooth, high pressure tires for easy rolling over fresh snow, refrozen snow, slush, trolley tracks, dry pavement, or any combination thereof. Best of all, you can ride over super slick ice without any worry. It has full fenders all around, with black Fiks Reflective rim stripes on all three wheels, as well as Hexalate on the front of both front fenders and the back of all three fenders for better nighttime visibility.

...but reflect white light at night

As it's slightly less than 32" wide at the forks, you can ride through a 36" door, even when the door can only open 90 degrees. The box is only 24" wide outside and the handlebars even less, and the front wheels and fenders fit under cars' side view mirrors. You can ride right through stuck traffic even if car mirrors are only 27" apart.

umbrella holders on right side

Its turning circle, from edge to edge, is about 16', sharper than long john cargo bikes with similar sized cargo boxes. It's also easy to turn around in a narrow street or inside a building, even loaded with cargo, by lifting the tail and rotating the trike around its own mid point.

As a standard Model 2 with an umbrella holder and Fiks Reflective package, it's retail price is $2990.

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA