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All blue Model 1

blue|blue|standard M1
All blue Model 1, with a cargo box in the standard drum set moving size of 31" long, 19 1/2" tall, and 21 3/4" wide.

Model 1s carry a real-life working load of 260 pounds, 460 including the rider. That's about the same weight as you and an old fashioned cast iron claw foot tub (not included).

snare, 3 toms, 1/2 hardware inside

The standard Haley Tricycle box was designed specifically for moving this same drum kit. This trike would be ideal for a variety of other uses as well of course, from everyday errands to supporting a business. Haleys this style and size have been used for selling cupcakes on the street, delivering flowers, moving friends' sofas, transporting human blood between hospitals, and many other things.

bass, cymbals, 1/2 hardware on top

The box is tough, opaque and lockable, with all chrome plated brass hardware. The latch accepts a small padlock of your chosing for securing your things.

As an "in stock" Haley, there's some options still available, but chrome fenders are permanent (black plastic fenders mount differently), and we will not repaint anything or rehinge any sides. You can decide:

included single speed rear
three speed rear(+$140)
fast gearing or heavy use gearing (+0)

included black
high-pressure whitewall (+$33)
high-pressure black (+$33)

Parking brake
included single
double (+$10)

Handlebar tape
included black
custom color (blue?)(+$5)

This trike is available and ready to arrange shipment, although it might take a few days to get the wheels or tires in if we don't have what you'd like in stock. The base price as a complete, completely standard trike is $1640 plus shipping, $1790 as shown*, with a three speed and double parking brakes.

*The wheels, tires, and handlebars in these photos were borrowed from the Haley shop trike, the parts sent with this tricycle will be brand new.

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA