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Lime and black 50"|24.75"|21.75" Model 1

lime|black|black extra long M1
Lime green and black Model 1, with a custom cargo box 50" long, 24 3/4" tall, and 21 3/4" wide. It's a cargo bicycle built for bass guitars. Most basses, in their cases, and most average to large amplifiers will fit unseen inside the sturdy, lidded, lockable, rain-tight box, with lots of room left for milk crates of accessories. It will even fit most 4 by 10 speaker cabinets inside.

not a bass: two guitars and a Twin Reverb

This tricycle can carry a real-life working load of 260 pounds, 460 including the rider. That's about the same weight as you and an old fashioned cast iron claw foot tub. It simply doesn't care about trolley tracks or ice, and tracks straight through narrow spaces carrying much more than your own weight. This Haley can move more than just basses, too; almost anything will fit inside this trike.

a four piece, 180 pound drum set

This is the longest Haley yet. It's total length is 99"; over half of its length is usable cargo area. As it's slightly less than 32" wide, you can ride through a 36" door, clearing the door jam and hardware even when the door is only capable of opening 90 degrees. The front wheels and fenders fit under cars' side view mirrors for traffic management; you can confidently ride through traffic even if car mirrors are only 27" apart.

taking up a whole street

Its turning circle, from edge to edge, is under 17' (16' 10" with tires shown); more than a standard Haley but still sharper than long john cargo bikes with considerably smaller cargo areas. It's also easy to turn around in a narrow street like above, even with a couple hundred pounds of cargo, by lifting the tail and rotating the trike around its own front wheels.

lime green for nighttime visibility

Because of this trike's total length of 8' 3", it might not fit inside some elevators. It will still fit between parked cars in the street as shown below, and can drop down curbs, fit through tight traffic, and in general handles much the same as a standard Haley, with more stuff.


As an "in stock" tricycle, there's some options still available, but full surround black plastic fenders are permanent (chrome fenders mount differently), and we will not repaint anything or rehinge any sides, etc.. You can decide:

included single speed rear
three speed rear(+$140)
fast gearing or heavy use gearing (+0)

included black
high-pressure whitewall (+$33)
high-pressure black (+$33)

Parking brake
included single
double (+$10)

a normal day in Kensington
This trike is available and ready to arrange shipment, although it might take a few days to get the wheels or tires in if we don't have what you'd like in stock. The base price as a complete, ready to ride trike is $1640 plus shipping, $1823 as shown*, with a three speed, double parking brakes, and high pressure tires.

*The wheels, tires, and handlebars in these photos were borrowed from the Haley shop trike, the parts sent with this tricycle will be brand new and glass free!

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA