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Wine|Black M2

wine|satin black|gloss black M2
A Haley M2 with a custom cargo box 41" long, 22 3/4" tall, and 21 3/4" wide. The front is hinged, and latched from the inside. It's a cargo bicycle built for an electric guitar and its amplifier and accessories. Most guitars, in their cases, and most average sized amplifiers will fit unseen inside the sturdy, lidded, lockable, rain-tight box, with room left for a milk crate of cables and pedals.

a full setup with some room to spare

This tricycle can carry a real-life working load of 520 pounds, 720 including the rider. It simply doesn't care about trolley tracks or ice, and rides straight through narrow spaces carrying much more than your own weight. It has an 8 speed rear wheel with a coaster brake, and dual independent disc brakes at the front, each lockable as a parking brake.

...and an umbrella holder

It's total length is 7'6". As it's slightly less than 32" wide, you can ride through a 36" door, clearing the door jam and hardware even when the door is only capable of opening 90 degrees. The front wheels and fenders fit under cars' side view mirrors for traffic management; you can confidently ride through traffic even if car mirrors are only 27" apart.

lid protectors for carrying even larger loads

Its turning circle, from edge to edge, is about 17'; more than a standard Haley but still sharper than long john cargo bikes with considerably smaller cargo areas. It's also easy to turn around in a narrow street, even loaded down with cargo, by lifting the tail and rotating the trike around its own front wheels.

lockable box to keep your guitar yours

This tricycle is available for test rides at Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles at 10th and Spring Garden in Philadelphia.

As a relatively standard Model 2 with an opening front, it's retail price is $2970.

Note: This tricycle's 41" length will hold small hardshell cases. A tricycle for your instrument might need to be slightly longer.

Haley Tricycles Philadelphia, PA