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Model 1

Natalia on 2-tone mint|satin black|gloss black

The Model 1 is a very customizable cargo bike capable of carrying anything from groceries to drum sets to furniture. It comes in eleven standard solid box colors and 2-tone options, and includes alloy rims, three independent brakes, chrome or black fenders, a parking brake, pedals, and a bell.

custom 3-tone grey with tall box

Model 1s carry a real-life working load of 260 pounds (460 including the rider), about the same weight as an old cast iron claw foot tub. The box is tough, lidded, weather-proof, and lockable, keeping your cargo out of site, dry, and secure. The box's interior can be any size between 31-50" long, 14-29" tall, and is usually 21 3/4" wide (but can be built wider for special uses). All box hardware is either stainless steel or chrome plated brass marine gear.

all blue standard M1 with 5 piece drum set

If you need to move something too big to fit inside, you can easily strap things onto the lid, as the box is supported by a steel frame. Hardware on the sides are made for ratchet straps, rope or bungee cords, and the flat and stable surface helps keep even unsecured things in place.

cherry-vanilla 2-tone|shelf, front opening

The single drive wheel permits the use of standard bicycle components for ease of maintenance and replacement. This also permits almost any accessory made for a bicycle to fit on a Haley Trike, including lights, racks, and computers.

licorice-cherry|satin black|gloss black with tall box

Many options, including 3 speed rear wheels, opening front panels, different box sizes, and custom color work make the standard Model 1 tricycle not so standard at all.

vanilla|licorice 2-tone at night

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