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Model 2

Sara on tall box wine|satin and gloss black M2

Haley Model 2 tricycles are designed for heavier loads, more aggressive riding, bigger hills and better stopping power. The Model 2 has double the working load capacity of a Model 1 at 520 pounds of cargo, 720 pounds including the rider.

red|satin black|gloss black M2

Structural differences of the Model 2 include heavier dropouts, thicker front forks, a slightly taller stance, a slightly wider wheelbase in the same width tricycle, and a tougher pivot. The floor platform is stronger and extended forward as a bumper.

2-tone ebony/walnut stain|42"/21.75"/19.5"

More importantly, the wheels and pivot are pulled forward for a much different balance of the cargo space than a Model 1. The result is better handling of very heavy loads. The trike has a more even weight distribution over all three wheels, keeping the trike's tail firmly on the pavement, even when the cargo's weight is three times that of the rider. Other design differences keep the Model 2's turning radius from being substantially increased in response.

2-tone walnut/honey|satin black|gloss black

The cargo box is stained and finished. The black-bound compound curves run deep down the front of the trike, giving the box panels more strength along its edges, as well as aesthetically balancing the non-centered front wheels. All box hardware is either stainless steel or chrome plated brass for marine use, and the lid is lockable.

electric guitar cargo bike: 41"|22.75"|21.75"

Front wheels are double wall alloy rims with independent mechanical disc brakes on a high-quality hub, bolted on for city life. The disk brake caliper arms are welded to the thick main tubes of the floor platform to handle the torque of fast stops. The rear wheel has a matching rim laced with a Shimano Inter-8 internal geared, eight-speed coaster brake hub. High pressure black tires with liners are included.

Shimano Nexus Inter-8 rear wheel

The Model 2 tail has a stiffer and stronger tail for more transfer of pedal power to forward movement, traded for a little comfort. Other mechanical differences include double front parking brakes, standard black plastic fenders, and a solid brass bell.

optional aluminum protection strips

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