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our smallest cargo bike moves drum kits

The standard Haley Tricycles box was designed for moving a drum set. The inside dimensions start at 31" long, 19.5" tall, and 21.75" wide. It's a useful size for a variety of other things as well, and is the starting point for all tricycle uses.

41"/22.75"/21.75"|guitar, amp, cables

Generally, we like to build the box of your trike to fit exactly what you'll be moving. With everything safely held inside, your cargo is protected in wet conditions, and also from those mystery puddles during dry weather. Everything stays out of sight as well, so no one knows whether you're carrying stale unsold pretzels or thousands of dollars of electronic equipment.

50"/24.75"/21.75"|most of a band

The longest tricycle so far is 50" long, designed for moving an electric bass guitar setup. The height can be anywhere from 13" to 29". The width is generally 21 3/4", so the entire trike can be rode through a 32" space.

31"/24"/21.75"|two weimaramers

In some cases, you won't want a lid at all times, so we can add hardware to make the lid removable, and it can be left at home when not in use.


If you're occasionally moving something especially large, it can be strapped to the top of the box and the tricycle can be rode ordinarily, if wider.

45"/20.5"/21.75"|46.5"x48" tabletop

In other cases, the surface area of the trike, as well as cargo capacity, is most important. With some custom hardware and shelving, you can effectively double the footprint of the tricycle for serving or work space, only when you want to.

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